Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mind Your Manners - 12 Video Conferencing Etiquette Rules

You wouldn't interrupt your boss while he was giving a presentation in an office meeting, would you?

Here are 12 video conferencing rules to follow so your meeting runs smoothly:

1) Have an agenda

2) Start and end your meeting on time

3) Introduce yourself and others who are in the meeting

4) Identify yourself when speaking

5) Use names to direct questions to specific people

6) Don’t speak over people or interrupt

7) Mute your microphone when not speaking

8) Let people know who’s in the room if they are not on camera

9) Speak clearly

10) Make eye contact with the camera

11) Turn OFF your cell phone

12) Avoid drinking coffee, shuffling papers, covering the microphone, tapping your fingers, or clicking your pen. These noises are easily picked up by the microphone and can be very distracting.

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