Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Interactive Web Conferencing or Email More Effective?

Happy Friday,

Is interactive web conferencing really more effective than email or texting? Or a quick phone call?

Have you ever received an email that made you mad because of the "tone" of the sender?

Have you ever written an email that was misinterpreted or caused an emotional reaction?

And taken days of long, drawn out responses to clarify?

For example...

You receive an email from someone in your orgainzation asking for your support of funding for a new product launch.

You think it's a great idea! But you need more information on what the product is, how much funding is needed, and the timeline of the launch so you can secure funds and resources.

Sounds simple enough, right?

So you send a quick reply while you're in a meeting...

"Really?! What? Need more details or no $$"

But the problem response is read as...

"You have some nerve asking me to support spending money with no plan!"

Not at all what you intended.

Email is an excellent communication tool, but is misused 60% of the time. And this causes productivitiy loss and strife in the office.

Face to face meetings is THE best way to communicate. But it's expensive and time consuming to travel every time you need to meet.

But thanks to interactive web conferencing, businesses on a tight budget have the option to meet with up to 50 people at the same time for as little as $79 dollars a month with full features.

ALWAYS use interactive web conferencing instead of email if you need to...

Resolve a conflict - this eliminates long, drawn out arguments and public "badgering"

Reprimand someone - otherwise the person may feel attacked or "convicted without a trial".

Brainstorm with several people - have lively back and forth brainstorming sessions during an interactive web conference for instant feed back and instand ideas.

Fire or layoff someone - Email should never be used to fire or layoff employees. Unless you want to be seen as cold and indifferent.

Make group decisions - Boost morale and participation by getting everyone's valuable input in making tough decisions.

Negotiating - Make more sales faster by being able to read a customer instantly and addressing his/her concerns. Also, you can demonstrate your product live during an interactive web conference.

So if you're wondering if you should send an it out instead in an interactive web conference!

You'll be amazed at how online interactive web conferences will help you be more productive, build stronger relationships, and eliminate email drama.