Monday, January 28, 2008

Enlightening Wainhouse Report Re: Video Conferencing

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Here in Wisconsin, we've finally come out of the deep freeze. For the past 9 LONG days, we've been averaging about -15 below freezing!

So today it's a balmy 32 degrees! I read that it's been colder here than in Siberia.

Did you know that 99.7% of U.S. businesses account for approximately 44% of the overall U.S. private payroll? And they create more jobs than any other sector of the marketplace?

Alan Greenberg, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research, reports that "Next-generation Web conferencing solutions give SMBs the capability to impact local and global economies as never before possible."

Wainhouse Research recently released a new study on web conferencing and its impact on small businesses.

It surveyed over 1,500 participants, of which 75% worked at companies with less than 500 employees.

Here are the Highlights:

"Outbound" Web conferencing applications that involve customers and prospects are most important to SMBs.

75% of SMB respondents believe the ability to involve/reach more people and save travel costs and time are major reasons to use Web conferencing

59% say it makes meetings more productive.

55% of SMBs (and 44% of large enterprise respondents) say that in addition to the more predictable improvements in business practices, Web conferencing enables users to solve problems they could not solve before.

69% of all respondents use Web conferencing to enable new meetings that could not be held in any other way due to cost constraints, timing and several other issues.

It is evident that even the smallest of small businesses need web conferencing to drive sales and keep costs at a minimum.

Are you using video web conferencing in your business?


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