Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's All About the FREE Stuff

Hi Everyone,

Our heat wave here in Wisconsin was short lived.

Now we're under a winter weather advisory...

Schools were let out early...and all after school activities were cancelled.

And it's a whopping 40 degree change in temperature!

But here at VideoLive Conferences, we're toasty warm because none of us have to leave our home office to have a team meeting.

All I have to do is set up my marketing meeting in 3 clicks, send an email invitation to my team for a direct link, and we're meeting live!

Pretty convenient - especially during a full fledged Wisconsin blizzard!

We offer not only state of the art video conferencing affordable for any small business budget, but we include two FREE web cameras as well.

And these aren't cheap web cameras we're trying to get rid of. They're high quality 5.2 megapixels with automatic infared lighting and built in microphones.

The reason we include these is so that you get crystal clear video - just like watching T.V.

Plus if you hop on over during February, you'll also get half off the one time licensing/set-up fee of $479. So you save $239.50.

Thanks for stopping by!


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