Wednesday, January 30, 2008

5 Tricks of "Free" Conferencing

Hi Everyone,

Everyone likes to get free services, right?

If you google free conferencing services, you get pages and pages of companies claiming to be free.

But as my Economics teacher often said in class, "TINSTAFL! There is no such thing as a free lunch!" He drilled it into our heads that there is ALWAYS a cost.

So let's look at the 5 ways you are actually paying for that "free" conferencing service:

1) The conference access number is what’s known as a Non-Geographic Number (NGN). NGNs normally cost more, sometimes much more, than calling a normal landline number.

Ask your service provider to tell you how much your conference calls will cost including costs of the phone calls to the conference bridge.

2) You're charged for calls from the moment each participant dials in, whether or not you're on the line yet or not! This is the biggest rip-off.

Make sure you know when the charges begin and end.

3) Charging high rates for services and hiding them by not providing a detailed breakdown in the hope you’ll just pay the bill without questioning it.

Ask for a detailed break-down of itemized charges.

4) Charging for guests who were booked on a conference but didn’t attend.

Ask whether no-shows are charged for or not.

5) Charging for guests even though their call has been dropped.

Demand refunds for dropped calls.

If you want reliable, unlimited video or web conferening capabilities without hidden costs or fees, then consider VideoLive conferences.

We're not free, but we're one of the most affordable providers in the industry.


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