Monday, February 11, 2008

How to Make Meetings Green

Happy Monday Everyone,

With the growing attention on global warming, businesses are under pressure to be more environmentally conscious. And there's no doubt about it - business travel is a huge contributor to pollution.

Did you know that a flight from London to New York creates an average 1.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions?

Or that driving 500 miles per week creates an average 9 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year?

So how can you cut emissions to help the environment without sacrificing productivity?

Simple - collaboration and web conferencing services.

Your employees can work from anywhere, and stay connected to co-workers, customers, vendors and partners who are critical to business.

They can give a presentation, review documents, or demonstrate software without getting in a car or flying on a plane.

An average employee with a one way commute of 22 miles can save up to 81,000 MJ of energy by telecommuting. That's about 50% of the annual electricity consumption of an average household!

Saving the planet is not as difficult as you might think. Especially if you use simple to use, all-in-one VideoLive Conferences.

Your children and grandchildren will appreciate your efforts in making a greener world - by making your meetings greener.


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