Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can Churches Benefit From Video Conferencing?

Hi folks,

My husband and I are leading the We Belong To Christ campaign for our church. Our target goal is $162,000 for our small parish of only 200 or so families. Wish us luck!

And there's a lot of training we need to accomplish our goal.

Unfortunately, we all have to pile in a car and drive 2 hours to Durand, Wisconsin to be trained. And the weather is always a concern. Especially since we live in the frozen tundra where blizzards seem to appear out of nowhere!

But is there an easier way?

We started using video conferencing on the web to be trained instead of wasting time and gas driving 2 hours.

It's been so successful that our diocese is looking into purchasing video web conferencing software for all of the surrounding rural parishes.

There really is no limits on how you can use video conferencing to save time, money, and frustration.


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