Thursday, August 12, 2010

Video Web Conferencing - Hot Communication Trend

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It's important for businesses to keep up with communication trends in order to grow and stay competitive in this tight economy.

One of the fastest-growing technology trends in communication is live video conferences. According to top industry analysts at Wainhouse Research, it's growing at a rate of 24% per year.

Interactive video conferences allows you to meet with someone in Germany, Japan, and New York (or any other location you need) all at the same time - right from the comfort of your office or home. And the best part is no one has to spend thousands of dollars in travel costs or fly in a cramped flight for 18 hours.

Web conferencing makes it easier for businesses to get your work done and to close more deals quickly. Isn't every business looking for ways to boost your bottom line, stay ahead of their competitors, and be more efficient?

Plus, video conferencing is now affordable for the smallest of budgets. Because many services are now web-based, the cost is much lower than just a few years ago and the video quality has vastly improved. All you need to hold an online video meeting is a computer or laptop, a reliable internet connection, and a web cam if you want to be seen.

Also, it doesn't take an IT person to host a meeting or download or configure complicated software. Most services take under 3 minutes to install and are extremely user-friendly and simple to use - even for a beginner.

Not only can you see, hear, and communicate with more than one person at a time online, you can also review documents, power point presentations, anything on your desktop, just like you would in person.

Face to face communication is important for any type of negotiation and is more effective than impersonal teleconferencing or emails. Being able to see the person you are talking to builds trust and loyalty.

Imagine being able to meet with someone from Taiwan in the morning, someone from France in the afternoon, and someone from Washington in the late afternoon - all in the same day! Without either participant having to leave their office.

Businesses are quickly adopting video web conferencing as an essential tool to save time and increase productivity. In addition to helping to save the environment. One online meeting between 5 people saves 20 tons in carbon emissions. Not to mention the convenience and less paper wastage.

Video web conferencing is no longer a luxury service, but an essential and vital tool for organizations planning on expanding their business worldwide. Top Industry Analysts at Wainhouse Research predict that "Desk-top computer video conferencing software will be as essential to your business as your phone, fax, and email."

Because online web meetings save both time and money, it's becoming more popular and accepted as a replacement for meeting in-person. More and more businesses are meeting online every day. So if you want to keep up with the latest trend in business communication, and not be left behind your competition, why not consider implementing video web conferencing today?

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