Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top 5 Benefits of Video Web Conferencing


Video web conferencing has many benefits for businesses looking for ways to cut costs, save time, and keep their competitive edge. It is becoming more prevalent as a way for businesses to share ideas with anyone, anywhere.

So here are the top 5 benefits for implementing video web conferencing in your business:

1) Increases Employee Productivity

Top industry analysts at Wainhouse Research agree that video web conferencing allows employees to get more work done faster and more efficiently. They can share ideas and information instantly online, quicker than meeting in-person, have the ability to include more people in the discussion, so decisions can be made much faster. This helps companies keep their competitive edge and ultimately adds to their bottom line.

2) Saves time

In the fast-paced, global world of business, it's important for employees to have the option of meeting online if they can't physically get to a meeting or to the office. Especially if they have a sick child or are caring for an elderly parent. Also, meeting online eliminates the downtime and hassle of getting to a meeting across town or even in another building. No more interruptions of work when you have an afternoon meeting. It will also boost morale and decrease key employee turnover as you provide more flexibility in the workplace. Happy employees waste less time, get more work done, and increase your bottom line.

3) Cut travel costs

Video web conferencing drastically cuts business travel costs. The average cost for a meeting for 10 people (including airfare, hotel, car rental and/or transportation, meals, entertainment, and tips) is $15,949. The cost of unlimited meetings online is $79 per month. That's a 94% cost savings! Plus, video web conferencing makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to attend training sessions, sales meetings, supplier meetings, etc. Employees will appreciate not having to be away from their families for days at a time. Or the extra cost and stress of traveling from one location to another.

4) Improve Relations

Employees can keep in closer contact with both customers and co-workers online. This speeds up the communication process because no longer do you have to email large files back and forth. You can go over important documents online together just like you would in person. The more you keep in contact with your customers to come up with helpful solutions to their concerns - the more profitable the relationship will be to your bottom line.

5) And lastly...You will save money by greening up your business!

Did you know that the average American worker spends an average of 47 hours per year commuting through rush hour traffic? By meeting online instead, you will be cutting down on thousands of pounds of carbon monoxide pollution every year. It's really important for companies to be good stewards of the environment and not compromise your responsible company image. Otherwise you could suffer the financial consequences. Using online conferences as an alternative way to get your business done can improve both company profits and customer approval rating of your business.

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