Thursday, May 1, 2008

Do You Make These Mistakes in Your Webinar?

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There's no question that webinars are taking the market by storm.

With soaring gas prices, skyrocketing airfares, and business owners under pressure to trim costs, webinars and online meetings are fast replacing face-to-face meetings. And costly travel.

But not all webinars are successful.

Here are 10 top reasons webinars fail:

1) The presenter is incompetent.

Holding a webinar is not the same as having a meeting. You have to familiarize yourself with the web conferencing platform so you can easily guide your guests and have productive back-and-forth feedback. Practice at least once to make sure you're ready for your live webinar.

2) Equipment is not in place

Make sure you're not fumbling with how to operate the equipment - or complaining throughout the webinar.

If you have a low quality, low pixel web camera, your video will be grainy.

3) Slow or unreliable internet connection

Poor internet connectivity is the MOST common problem for webinars and web conferencing providers.

High speed of 56K or above, or TIVO will give you the best quality webinar.

4) Presenter gives up too quickly

You shouldn't give up on webinars or web conferencing just because of one bad experience. As with everything in business, some webinar providers are more user friendly than others. And more affordable.

5) Advertising

You have to advertise and build marketing buzz to attract customers to your webinar. Make it entertaining and easy to attend.

6) Ability to Entertain or Close the Sale

It takes a LOT of training and practice to be a a good speaker, or a top sales person. Make sure your webinar material engages and entertains your audience. Use visual material from pre-loaded websites, pictures, and funny stories to make your point.

7) Convenient Time

Have your webinar when it's convenient for your target audience - not when it's convenient for YOU.

8) Ability to Get Along With Other People

If you're painfully shy, then chances are your webinars will be a painful flop! Recruit or hire someone who is comfortable around people and easy going to hold your sales or marketing webinars.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a great impression!

9) Unique Selling Proposition

A webinar is not really that much different from a print ad.

You have to grab guests attention with something that will benefit them.

Center your webinar around helping your guests. Make their life easier, healthier, or wealthier! If you help your guests - they will help you by becoming a customer.

10) Good Old Fashioned Luck

Some times you just have BAD LUCK! But don't let that stop you. Try, try again.


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